108 E 6th St, Emmett, ID 83617

About Us

Dr. Nave worked in the oil field in west Texas during summer breaks in college. He was seriously injured on the job when he was electrocuted on a water tower and fell 25 feet to the ground. He was diagnosed with a concussion and a herniated low back disc. Surgery was recommended, but he went to a chiropractor instead.  Chiropractic was not only successful, but so impressed him that Dr. Nave changed his college goals from wanting to become an emergency room doctor to a Doctor of Chiropractic. He believes that experience destined him to be a better doctor for his patients.


Advanced Chiropractic was started in Emmett, Idaho to bring corrective spinal care and natural health care to Gem County residents. Advanced Chiropractic is for the person that wants to find the cause and the cure for their health and spine problems. We exist to help people who have tried other treatments such as medication, physical therapy, pain killers, traditional chiropractic and surgery without permanent success. We are here to give you hope and health back