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Sports Injury

Athletic Injury Emmett Idaho

You strive to keep your body at its peak performance. But sometimes, even the best athlete pushes themselves too far. Making sure that your body is properly aligned and cared for while recovering from a sports injury is crucial to ensuring you can keep pushing yourself to the limits. Sports injuries occur for a wide range of reasons. Things like not properly stretching, overworking yourself, or just general lack of coordination can all come together to cause a potentially painful injury. Making sure to take the time to seek out professional treatment for your athletic injury can be the difference between winning the game and sitting on the bench.

Athletic injuries can happen nearly anywhere on the body, with the most common injuries involving back and tendon strain. Things like weight-lifting, wrestling and sports that require physical contact are more likely to result in back and neck injuries than some of the more self-propelled sports, such as biking and swimming. However, athletic injuries can happen at any time and to any athlete and making sure to get the right chiropractic treatment for your needs is crucial to preventing further injuries.

Visiting your chiropractor after a sports-related injury can help reduce your healing time and can ensure that your body gets the chance to heal up to its ideal potential. Injuries that throw your body’s alignment out of shape can end up healing in ways that make continued exercise challenging, impossible even. Making sure your body is in the optimal position for healing can help both you and your body get the R&R you need to be the very best.

Biking, Running, and Swimming Injuries

While physical contact sports are more likely to cause injury to your spinal column, biking, running, and swimming injuries can still benefit from chiropractic care. Not only can chiropractors help with more severe, back related injuries, they can also help you work through strains and sprains while still keeping your injured ligaments and muscles in the correct place. Even if your injury is located elsewhere in your body, often times the stress caused by the injury itself will cause your body to overcompensate, putting uneven stress on various parts of your back and elsewhere in your body. By visiting your chiropractor before, during, and after the healing process, you can ensure that your body has a gold medal chance at getting back on the court.

Athletes know how to push their bodies to the limits, but they should also know when to take it easy. Trying to work through or play on an injury that isn’t healing the way you think it should can cause permanent damage and leave you with chronic pain. Give your body the time and help it needs to recover. Things like strained or pulled muscles, especially in the back, shoulders, or groin, as well as other common sports injuries can leave your body on edge. Your chiropractor can help make sure everything heals up correctly so that you don’t have to fight against chronic back pain or potential reinjury in the future.

If you have suffered an athletic injury and are looking for chiropractic treatment in the Emmet, Idaho area, contact our office. We know how hard you work to keep yourself in tip-top shape. Here at Advanced Chiropractic, we work just as hard to make sure you get the best in chiropractic treatment every time.

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